• Why Does Gen Z Like Crocs?

Why Does Gen Z Like Crocs?

Last update: 2023-09-25

Crocs have made a surprising comeback in recent years, especially among Gen Z. The foam clogs were popular in the early 2000s but fell out of fashion for many years. However, Gen Z has adopted Crocs as a trendy and ironic footwear choice. There are several reasons why Crocs have gained popularity with this generation.


One of the main reasons Gen Z loves Crocs is that they are extremely comfortable. The lightweight foam material molds to your feet, providing cushioning and support. The holes allow for ventilation, keeping feet cool even on hot days. Compared to stiff leather or canvas sneakers, Crocs feel like you're walking on clouds. Gen Z values comfort highly when choosing clothing and footwear. After a long day at school or work, they want to slip on something cozy. Crocs are the perfect casual, relaxed shoe.

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For older Gen Z who grew up in the 2000s, Crocs offer a sense of nostalgia. They may have worn them as children and feel a connection to the "ugly-cute" clogs. Even though Crocs aren't currently trendy for older generations, Gen Z remembers them fondly. The noticeable look takes them back to their childhood in a retro, ironic way. Gen Z loves reinventing nostalgic trends with a modern twist.


Another reason Crocs appeal to Gen Z is the ability to customize them. From charms to prints, there are endless ways to make your Crocs unique. Mixing and matching Jibbitz charms allows you to showcase your personality. Special edition collaborations with brands like Hidden Valley Ranch offer quirky designs. Gen Z expresses themselves through their clothing and accessories. Crocs are the perfect blank canvas for creativity and self-expression. The customization potential draws this creative generation in.

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Perhaps the biggest factor in Crocs' comeback is irony. Gen Z loves remixing "uncool" trends from the past and turning them into something trendy again. The oversized fit, clunky look, and foam material are objectively ugly. But that's exactly why Gen Z loves them! Wearing something considered lame and outdated in an intentional, ironic way is peak Gen Z humor. They enjoy rebutting traditional fashion senses and challenging what's "in style." Crocs let them embrace silly, ugly-on-purpose fashion with a dose of nostalgia.

Comfort Trumps Fashion

Unlike previous generations who may have prioritized style over comfort, Gen Z doesn't feel the need to wear uncomfortable shoes to look nice. They value wearing what feels good. Crocs are the antithesis of traditional fashionable footwear like heels, dress shoes, etc. Gen Z wants to be comfortable first and foremost. If that means wearing unfashionable clogs, so be it. Prioritizing mental health and well-being means rejecting rigid expectations of always looking perfect. Crocs represent Gen Z's desire to relax fashion rules.

Environmentally Responsible

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Gen Z cares deeply about social causes like sustainability. They want to support brands that align with their values. Crocs are made of a proprietary closed-cell resin that's easy to clean and recyclable. The company has also pledged to make the clogs 100% sustainable in the future. Gen Z prefers buying from purpose-driven, eco-friendly companies. Crocs check the boxes of comfort, self-expression, and environmental responsibility that matter to this generation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gen Z and Crocs

Why did Crocs go out of style originally?

Crocs went out of style in the late 2000s and early 2010s because many people came to view them as unfashionable and ugly. The distinct look became associated with bad fashion sense rather than trendy. As fashion moved away from 2000s styles, the foam clogs fell out of favor.

How did Crocs make a comeback?

Crocs made a comeback thanks to Gen Z reinventing them as an ironic, nostalgic trend. TikTok videos showing creative ways to customize and style Crocs made them popular again. Celebrity endorsements also contributed to their renewed popularity.

Are Crocs only cool if they're customized?

Not necessarily. While customization is popular among Gen Z, the ironic ugly-cute vibe of basic Crocs is part of their appeal too. Unique charms and Jibbitz allow further self-expression, but the classic clog style alone is enough for Gen Z.

Are Crocs comfortable for long periods of walking?

Yes, the foam material and signature cushioning of Crocs makes them quite comfortable for long periods of walking. They provide more support and comfort than flip flops or flat sandals when you'll be on your feet all day. The lightweight design is ideal for extended wear.

What makes Crocs sustainable?

Crocs are made from a recyclable resin, and the company is working towards 100% sustainable material use. Their manufacturing process also creates less waste than traditional plastic and rubber production. The strapless design requires fewer additional materials too.


Gen Z has resurrected the iconic 2000s foam clogs and reclaimed Crocs as a trendy footwear choice. The reasons driving this revival include comfort, nostalgia, customization potential, irony, comfort over fashion, and environmental responsibility. Crocs align perfectly with Gen Z values, tastes, and style. Their laidback, ugly-cute vibe jives with this generation's sense of humor and desire to challenge fashion norms. While older generations may still consider Crocs unfashionable, Gen Z has decidedly brought them back into the spotlight, one Jibbitz charm at a time.

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