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Which Colour Shoes Go With Everything?

Last update: 2023-10-28

Shoes are an essential part of any outfit. While the style, material, and fit of the shoe matter, the colour is one of the most important factors when considering which shoes pair well with your wardrobe. Certain colours are more versatile than others and can complement a variety of outfits from casual to formal. Here is a detailed look at the shoe colours that go with everything.

Neutrals - Black, Brown, Taupe, and Grey

Neutral coloured shoes are perfect for pulling any outfit together seamlessly. They act as a blank canvas that doesn't compete with other pieces. This allows the rest of your outfit to shine.


beautiful young woman dressed in white shorts, black tank top, mules, bag, accessories, sunglasses, belt, hair gathered, stylish summer fashion outfit, full length lifestyle model
A pair of black shoes is a wardrobe essential. Their dark hue gives them a sophisticated and polished look. Black shoes pair well with neutral colours like grey, beige, white, and even black. They also complement bright colours like red, blue, green, and pink. Different styles like oxfords, loafers, pumps, and booties in black leather or suede will take you from the office to evening events effortlessly.


From deep chocolate browns to caramel tan, brown shoes add a casual, earthy feel to ensembles. Different brown hues and textures like suede and nubuck work with neutral colours, pastels, jewel tones, and earth tones. Casual brown lace-up boots, loafers, oxfords, and brogues are perfect for daytime. Darker browns also transition well into night for a more rugged look.


High fashion photo of a beautiful elegant young woman in pretty gray suit, jacket blazer, top, long skirt, handbag, massive chain around the neck posing on blue background. Slim figure. Monochrome
Grey shoes are an understated neutral that offers incredible versatility. Light greys pair well with black and neutrals. Dark charcoal greys complement navy blue, pastels, and brighter colours like yellow and pink. Grey suits, chinos, and jeans for refined casual looks. Finally, metallic greys add shine and edge to dressy outfits.


Taupe shoes combine grey and brown for the best of both neutrals. The muted hue enhances brighter colours in your outfit instead of competing with them. Pair taupe shoes with navy, pastels, earth tones, black, and grey for foolproof mix and match potential. Nude and blush tones also complement taupe shoes beautifully.

Red and Blue - Pops of Primary Colour

Punctuate any outfit with a pop of primary colour on your feet. Statement red or blue shoes show confidence. They immediately grab attention while still pairing well with neutrals.


Elegant red high heels in woman's hands. Girl wearing a beige trench coat standing on a stone sidewalk, holding her trendy, fashionable shoes in hand
Fiery red shoes command attention, which makes them perfect for making an entrance. Pair them with neutrals and black for anytime wear. Greys and pastels also complement the vibrant hue. For evening, style red heels with a LBD. Red shoes also work surprisingly well with other primary colours like navy blue and green.


Cool blue shoes lend aPreppy and nautical vibe. Lighter blues enhance black and white while bolder navies flatter neutrals. For casual looks, wear blue sneakers with jeans and tees. Oxford and loafer styles in navy blue go from day to night seamlessly. Metallic blue shoes also add shine for evening affairs.

Metallics - Gold, Silver, Rose Gold

Woman wearing the metallic shoes
Metallic shoes add glamour and shine to festive outfits. Their lustrous sheen catches the light beautifully. Gold, silver, and rose gold complement both neutrals and bright colours. They transition a casual outfit into one that's party ready. Rock gold sneakers with a blazer and jeans. Style rose gold heels with an LBD or jumpsuit. Silver adds edge to an all-black ensemble. Have fun mixing metallics for a glitzy effect.

Patterns - Animal Prints, Polka Dots, Florals

Patterned shoes make a fashionable impact when styling neutral outfits. Leopard print, snake print, zebra print, and cow print all turn heads and elevate basic pieces instantly. Polka dots and florals like daisies lend retro flair. Tips for rocking patterns: Pair with solid colours only, go for classic patterns like leopard and polka dots in black and white, choose ankle strap heels or ballet flats for versatility.

Matching Colours

Style shoes in the exact colour shade as the rest of your outfit for visual flow. For example, wear blush pink heels with a light pink dress. Opting for matching colours elongates the legs and makes you appear taller. Contrasting colours break up the silhouette. Here are pleasing colour combos for matching shoes:

close up details of legs in pink sandals of woman sitting on stairs in city street in stylish printed skirt with leather backpack holding sunglasses, summer style trend
  • Pink on pink - Blush, light pink, fuchsia
  • Red on red - Cherry, crimson, fire engine
  • Blue on blue - Light blue, navy, cobalt
  • Green on green - Olive, emerald, mint
  • Yellow on yellow - Daffodil, lemon, mustard

Match metallic shoes to other metallic pieces. Gold jewelry and bag with gold heels, for example. When wearing prints, pick one print such as florals and match your shoes.


Shoes in versatile, neutral colours like black, brown, grey, and taupe pair effortlessly with most outfits in your wardrobe. Red and blue shoes add lively pops of primary colour. Metallics like gold, silver, and rose gold lend shine. Patterned shoes like leopard print and polka dots effortlessly elevate neutrals. Finally, matching your shoes exactly to other pieces creates visual flow. With these easy tips, you can build a shoe collection spanning colours and styles to complement any outfit!

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