• Which Type Of Sandals Is Good For Your Feet?

Which Type Of Sandals Is Good For Your Feet?

Last update: 2023-09-24

Sandals are a popular type of footwear, especially in warm weather. With so many styles available, it can be tough to know which sandals are actually good for your feet. The type of sandal that is best for you depends on factors like foot type, arch support needs, and intended activity. Here is an overview of some of the most common sandal types and considerations for choosing a pair that promotes foot health.

Factors that influence sandal choice

When selecting sandals, the most important factors to consider are:

Foot type

Do you have high arches, flat feet, or neutral arches? Your foot type impacts the amount of support and cushioning you need. High arches require well-cushioned sandals to absorb shock. Flat feet need arch support to prevent overpronation. Neutral arches are usually comfortable in most mid-range sandals. Getting your feet properly measured at a shoe store can help identify your foot type.

Women's sandals are a blend of light and dark brown with a simple elegant design. Comfortable sandals for everyday use. Sandals without haihil.

Arch support needs

Closely related to foot type, your arches require different levels of support. High arches need cushioning while flat feet need actual arch support built into the sandal. If you have foot pain, choosing a sandal with arch support can help alleviate discomfort. Opt for contoured, molded footbeds over flat and minimal options.

Intended activity

Will you be wearing the sandals for casual everyday use, hiking, water activity, or dressier occasions? Athletic sandals offer features like traction and secure closures for outdoor activities. Hiking sandals have sturdy outsoles and ankle support. Water sandals dry quickly and prevent slipping on wet surfaces. Dress sandals are flexible and lightweight for extended wear. Match the sandal to how you plan to use it.

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Sandal Types

Comfort Sandals

If you want both style and comfort, cushioned comfort sandals are a practical choice. Known for their soft, contoured footbeds and flexible materials, comfort sandals provide ample underfoot padding and arch support. Brands like Clarks and Rockport are known for signature comfort technologies in their sandal models. For maximum cushioning, look for memory foam or gel footbeds that mold to the unique shape of your foot.

Sport Sandals

Sport sandals are designed with athletic activities in mind. They have durable rubber outsoles for traction, quick-drying webbed straps, and contoured midsoles for arch support. Many sport sandals feature rear straps that securely hold the heel in place. Popular options include styles from Teva and Keen. If you plan to hike, spend time near water, or be on your feet a lot, sport sandals are a practical choice.

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Flip Flops

Minimalist flip flops may be popular, but they do not necessarily promote good foot health. Their flat, thin soles offer no arch support or cushioning. Constant rubbing of the thin straps between the toes can cause irritation. However, high quality flip flops made with comfortable materials like leather or cork and contoured footbeds can provide a healthier experience. Brands like Olukai and Rainbow Sandals offer better flip flop options.

High-Arch Sandals

If you have high arches, it's important to choose sandals that provide ample cushioning and shock absorption. Look for sandals made with soft midsoles, gel inserts, and memory foam footbeds to prevent foot pain. Neutral cushioned athletic sandals or contoured comfort sandals work well for high arches. Avoid flat, minimal styles with no arch support.

Flat Feet Sandals

Individuals with flat feet require sandals that provide arch support and help prevent the feet from rolling inward. Supportive contoured footbeds with a raised arch are ideal. Stability and motion control sandals that have denser midsoles also work well. Brands like New Balance, Brooks, and Asics make athletic sandals catered to flat feet. Custom orthotic inserts can also add support to sandals for flat feet.

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Other Healthy Sandal Features

Beyond foot type and arch height, there are other features that contribute to a sandal being good for your feet:

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  • Contoured footbeds that are shaped like the bottom of your foot
  • Shock absorbing midsoles and cushioning
  • Rear straps for security and stabilization
  • Adjustable straps to customize fit
  • Durable high quality materials like leather that forms to your feet over time
  • Lightweight construction that prevents fatigue
  • Moisture-wicking linings to prevent sweaty feet
  • Antimicrobial components to discourage odors
  • Non-slip outsoles for safe mobility

Spending a little extra on sandals with these foot-friendly attributes will help keep your feet happy and healthy all season long. Don't sacrifice proper support just for the sake of style or cost. With so many brands catering to comfort and foot health these days, you can easily find fashionable sandals that still check the boxes for foot-health.


Finding the right sandals involves selecting a style suited to your individual foot type, arch height, and intended use. Contoured support, cushioning, and adjustable closures all enable a healthy, comfortable fit. While flat flip flops may look stylish, performance sport sandals, cushioned comfort styles, and sandals designed for high arches or flat feet provide features that actually promote foot wellness. With manufacturers focusing more than ever on comfort technologies and biomechanical design, there are endless options for healthy sandals that feel great and look fabulous too.

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