• What Sandals Never Go Out Of Style?

What Sandals Never Go Out Of Style?

Last update: 2024-05-05

Sandals are a timeless shoe choice that have remained popular for decades. Certain styles of sandals seem to never truly go "out" of style and can be worn year after year. In this article, we'll explore some of the sandal styles that are always fashionable.

Classic Styles That Stand the Test of Time

Some sandal styles are so iconic and versatile that they continue being produced year after year. These classics have lasted for generations and will likely remain popular for years to come.

Leather Gladiator Sandals

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Gladiator-style sandals with multiple straps crisscrossing up the ankle and calf are an elegant, chic choice. Leather gladiator sandals come in flat, low heel, or high heel varieties. They have a timeless Roman inspired look that always appears fashion-forward. These sandals pair well with dresses, shorts, skirts, and jeans.

Simple Leather Slide Sandals

Minimalist flat slide sandals in brown or black leather are another style staple. Brands like Birkenstock offer leather slide sandals with a contoured cork footbed that provides exceptional arch support and comfort. The clean, open toe design is versatile for casual daytime or evening wear.

Flip Flops

Basic rubber flip flop sandals are a wardrobe essential, especially for beach vacations or poolside lounging. Brands like Havaianas and Rainbow are known for their durable rubber flip flops in an array of colors and prints. Flip flops offer a carefree, lighter packing option that works for all ages.

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Trendy Styles with Staying Power

Beyond the classics, some trendy sandal styles demonstrate remarkable staying power. Though considered trendy, these styles exhibit longevity across multiple seasons.

Chunky Sandals

Chunky block heel or platform sandals retain their popularity from year to year. Brands like Teva and Steve Madden offer funky strappy designs with thick heels and soles. The ‘90s inspired chunky look offers great stability and height for festivals, city streets, or casual events.

Sporty Athletic Sandals

Sport sandals with thick soles and adjustable Velcro closures also remain en vogue. Brands like Teva and Chaco design performance sport sandals ideal for hiking, water sports, or everyday wear. The sporty look with comfort technology keeps this practical style relevant.

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Barely-There Sandals

Minimalist sandals with slim straps across the toe and ankle also stand the test of time. Delicatebarely-there sandals are feminine and chic for dressing up. Designers like Jimmy Choo offer barely-there styles crafted with high-end Italian leather. The elegant silhouette suits both casual day and formal evening attire.

What Makes a Sandal Timeless?

Certain qualities help make a sandal design achieve that coveted timeless status. Sandals that remain in style year after year frequently have the following characteristics:

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  • High quality materials like leather, suede, cork, or rubber
  • Classic, clean silhouette that suits various settings
  • Neutral color options in black, brown, tan, or metallic
  • Comfort features like supportive soles or straps
  • Brand reputation for skilled construction and durability
  • Versatile styling that pairs with many outfits
  • Iconic design that retains customer loyalty across generations

Of course, personal preference plays a key role as well. But quality craftsmanship and versatility are key reasons some iconic sandal styles remain fashionable decade after decade.


When selecting sandals, opting for a timeless style is a wise investment. Classic leather gladiators, sleek slides, sporty athletic designs, and barely-there sandals offer longevity that offsets costs per wear. Trendy chunky and platform styles also demonstrate remarkable staying power across seasons. Seek out sandals with signature silhouettes from reputable brands to enjoy a look that never goes out of style. With proper care, these shoes can be enjoyed summer after summer for years of fashionable comfort.

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