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Is It Ok To Wear Crocs In Summer?

Last update: 2024-06-10

Crocs have become a popular, yet controversial, footwear choice in recent years. As summer approaches, many people wonder if it's acceptable to wear Crocs during the warmer months. There are pros and cons to consider when deciding if Crocs are right for you in summer.

Why People Love Wearing Crocs in Summer

There are several reasons why Crocs have become a go-to summer shoe for many:


Crocs are made of a lightweight resin material that allows for plenty of ventilation to your feet. The holes across the top of the shoe provide airflow, helping to keep your feet cool and comfortable when temperatures rise. This makes them ideal for hot summer days when you want breathable footwear.

A scenic shot of a store shelf with New Women's Croc Shoes with fun patterns in Fresno

Water Friendly

Crocs can be worn in water, to the beach, pool, or boat. The waterproof resin material means you don't have to worry about Crocs getting soaked or taking forever to dry off. They provide the functionality of water shoes with a casual, fun style.

Easy to Clean

Because Crocs are waterproof and made from an easy to clean resin, you don't have to worry about stains or dirt building up on them in summer. You can simply hose them off or wipe them clean as needed. Their no-fuss care makes them practical for summer adventures.


Crocs are extremely lightweight, often weighing less than a pound per shoe. This makes them effortlessly portable for summer travels and activities. You can toss them in your bag without adding much bulk or weight. Their streamlined design also creates less heat and sweat buildup than bulkier shoes like sneakers.

pair of red crocs and red letter as message in a bottle at a sandy beach

Reasons to Avoid Crocs in Summer

However, Crocs aren't for everyone or appropriate for all summer situations:

Lack of Arch Support

Crocs don't provide much arch support, due to their simple, flat design. For people requiring more supportive footwear for work or activities, flat shoes like Crocs may not be ideal in summer or year-round. They can potentially lead to foot pain or problems for some.

Minimal Foot Protection

The signature clog design provides minimal coverage and protection to feet and toes. In summer situations around water, outdoors, or with equipment/machinery, sturdier shoes offer more foot guarding than Crocs' thin resin material and abundance of perforations.

Members of the Sisterhood Dragon Boat Team wearing Crocs rubber clogs

Heat Absorption

Even though Crocs are well-ventilated, some find that the solid resin can heat up in intense summer sun and warmth. Darker Crocs colors tend to absorb more heat. Light colors may stay cooler.

Informal Style

Crocs have a very casual, laidback aesthetic that isn't suitable for all environments. Some may find their sporty look inappropriate for formal, business, or going out situations in summer where dressier footwear is preferable.

Key Considerations Before Wearing Crocs in Summer

When deciding if Crocs are right for your summer footwear needs, keep these key factors in mind:

Man with white Crocs by Salehe Bembury before MSGM fashion show, Milan Fashion Week street style
  • Environment - Will you primarily be indoors, outdoors, at home, at work? Crocs make sense for more casual situations but may not work for formal offices.
  • Activities - Will you be walking a lot, standing a lot, exercising, hiking? The minimal support Crocs provide may not suffice for highly active use.
  • Duration - Will you wear Crocs for quick errands or all day? Extended wear without proper arch support can potentially cause problems.
  • Weather - Will you be in very hot/humid climates? Super lightweight sandals may be better to minimize heat absorption.
  • Safety - Will you be in environments requiring protective, covered footwear? Crocs lack adequate protection for some situations.

Considering these factors will help determine if Crocs are a good seasonal choice or if alternate summer footwear would be better for your needs and comfort.

FAQs About Wearing Crocs in Summer

Are Crocs too hot to wear in summer?

It depends. Some find Crocs absorb heat in intense sun/heat. But their ventilation and lightweight design can help prevent excessive warmth in more moderate summer climates, making them ideal for summer in many locations.

Do Crocs protect your feet in summer?

Not as much as closed shoes. Crocs offer minimal barrier against scrapes, insects, sun exposure due to their open design. Wearing socks helps, but other shoes like sneakers offer more foot protection.

Can you wear Crocs hiking in summer?

It's not recommended for longer, vigorous hikes. The lack of grip, support, and protection pose risks on rough terrain. Better hiking choices include trail shoes/boots to stabilize feet and guard from elements.

Are Crocs OK for walking all day in summer?

Sometimes. Monitor for foot discomfort and limit consecutive all-day wear. Crocs lack proper arch support for extended wear for many people. Take breaks and rotate shoes to avoid potential pain.

Should you size up with Crocs in summer?

Sizing up half a size can allow for airflow in hot months, especially if feet swell in heat. Just don't go too big where they slip off. The heel strap also helps secure a snug yet comfortable fit.


In the end, wearing Crocs in summer is a personal choice based on your individual needs and preferences. They can be a smart option when appropriate support, protection, and style isn't needed. But for all-day comfort, intensive activities, occupations, and formal settings, alternate footwear is often advisable for summer. If chosen wisely and worn in moderation, Crocs can be a fun seasonal choice to keep your feet cool, comfy and fashionably on-trend when the weather heats up.

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