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How To Wear Crocs With Socks

Last update: 2023-09-19

Crocs are known for being comfortable, lightweight, and easy to slip on and off. However, some people prefer to wear socks with their Crocs for added warmth or to avoid rubbing. While Crocs are designed to be worn barefoot, wearing them with socks is easy to do as long as you follow a few tips.

Choosing the Right Socks

When deciding what socks to wear with your Crocs, opt for a thin, snug fit. Look for socks made from moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics rather than thick cotton. Some good options include:

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  • No-show socks - These disappear below the ankle, maintaining the casual Crocs look.
  • Ankle socks - Low-cut and end just above the ankle bone, adding minimal bulk.
  • Athletic socks - Made from thin performance fabrics that won't get bulky.
  • Hiking/walking socks - Designed for blister prevention with a snug fit.
  • Compression socks - Adds support and do not affect Croc fit.

Avoid crew or knee-high socks as they will be visible above the Crocs clogs. Also skip cotton socks, which tend to get hot, absorb sweat, and bunch up.

Putting on Your Crocs and Socks

When putting on your Crocs and socks, follow these steps:

  1. Put on your socks first. Ensure they are pulled up smoothly without any folds or wrinkles.
  1. Loosen the Crocs backstrap if needed. This prevents the strap from pressing on top of the sock.
  1. Slide your foot into the Crocs, being careful not to snag the sock on the holes.
  1. Adjust and tighten the heel strap for a secure fit. Do not overtighten.
  1. Walk around and make sure the socks do not slip down or become bunched up. Adjust as needed.

Maintaining Your Socks and Crocs

To keep your socks and Crocs in good condition when wearing them together:


  • Wash socks regularly to avoid odors being trapped in the Crocs holes.
  • Use antibacterial foot spray or powder to keep feet fresh.
  • Replace socks at the first sign of holes to prevent blisters.
  • Wash Crocs periodically with mild soap and water.
  • Allow Crocs and socks to air dry completely between wears.
  • Consider using Crocs brand socks that are designed to fit the clogs perfectly.

Key Benefits of Wearing Socks with Crocs

There are a few key reasons why wearing socks with Crocs can be advantageous:

  • Temperature regulation - Socks add warmth to the otherwise well-ventilated Crocs, making them more suitable for colder weather.
  • Reduced rubbing - The sock fabric minimizes skin irritation from the Crocs holes.
  • Hygiene - Socks absorb foot sweat rather than the Crocs, which helps control odor and bacteria growth.
  • Cushioning - The extra sock padding reduces pressure on feet and heels when walking in Crocs.
  • Style - Socks allow you to customize your Crocs look.

Tips for Sock and Croc Pairing

To get the best pairing of socks with your Crocs:

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  • Match the sock color to the Crocs color for a streamlined look.
  • Use fun, patterned socks to make the outfit more playful.
  • Chooseneutral-toned socks for versatility to wear with any color Crocs.
  • Try layering a thicker sock over a thin liner sock for cold weather.
  • Opt for moisture-wicking athletic socks if you'll be active.
  • Bring extra socks when wearing Crocs for long periods in case they get wet.
  • Look for Crocs brand socks engineered to perfectly fit the clog's shape.


Wearing socks with Crocs allows you to expand when and where you wear your favorite clogs. The right no-show, ankle, or athletic socks add comfort and customization without sacrificing the Crocs signature slip-on ease. Just focus on choosing thin, snug, and moisture-wicking socks. With the proper fit and sock maintenance, you can comfortably wear your Crocs all year long.

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