• How Do You Pair Sandals With A Dress?

How Do You Pair Sandals With A Dress?

Last update: 2023-10-12

Pairing sandals with a dress can seem tricky, but with some simple guidelines, you can create stylish and chic combinations for any occasion. Here are some tips on how to pair sandals with dresses:

Consider The Dress Style

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    Maxi and midi dresses
    - These longer dress styles look great with flat sandals like strappy gladiator or t-strap styles. Wedges or block heels also work for extra height.
  • Sundresses and tunics - Cute flat sandals like leather slides, thong sandals or embellished flats complement shorter, casual dresses. Low heels or espadrilles add some elevation.
  • Cocktail or formal dresses - Strappy stiletto sandals, barely-there heeled sandals or metallic heels amp up the glam factor for fancy dresses. Make sure heels are dressy enough for the occasion.
  • Slip dresses - Sleek flat sandals like leather or suede styles maintain the streamlined look. Or try minimalist barely-there heeled sandals. Avoid anything too chunky.
  • Shirtdresses - Neutral or pastel flat sandals keep it casual and relaxed. For dressier shirtdresses, low block heels work too.

Match Colors

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    Stick to colors in the same color family for a coordinated look. Metallics like silver, gold or rose gold sandals complement both neutral and bright dresses.
  • Nude and blush sandals elongate the leg with dresses in cream, pastels or black. Black sandals have a classic, crisp look with colorful dresses.
  • For prints, choose a color in the print for your sandals. Or keep sandals neutral to avoid clashing.

Consider Occasion And Location

  • Flats or low heels are great for daytime and casual occasions like beach weddings or summer parties. Strappy flat sandals work well for city strolling.
  • Higher heels 3 inches or above are best for formal evening events and nights out. Make sure heels won't sink into grass or sand if outdoors.
  • Thicker block heels or wedges add stability on uneven terrain and are comfortable for all-day wear.

Pedicure And Leg-Lengthening Tips

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    A nicely pedicured toe amps up any open-toed sandal. Coordinate your nail polish with your dress or sandal color.
  • Dust a bit of shimmery bronzer on legs for a sexy glow. Or add sheer neutral stockings for sandals with dresses in cooler weather.
  • Ankle straps help shorten the foot for maxi length dresses. Toss a thin sweater or jacket over shoulders to maintain vertical line.


Pairing the right sandals with your favorite dresses for any occasion is easy when you consider the dress style, colors, occasion and footwear height. Have fun mixing prints, metals and neutrals to create fashionable dress and sandal combinations that suit your personal style. With the right versatile pairs in your closet, you'll always have great options for dressing up your dresses for day or night.

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