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Do Japanese Wear Crocs?

Last update: 2024-05-27

Crocs have become a popular footwear choice worldwide due to their comfort and versatility. But how popular are they in Japan specifically? Here is an in-depth look at whether Japanese people wear Crocs.

The Popularity of Crocs in Japan

Crocs were introduced to the Japanese market in 2006 and have seen steadily rising popularity since then. By 2016, Japan had become Crocs' second largest market after the United States. Data shows that Do Japanese wear Crocs? The answer seems to be yes, with over 3 million pairs sold in Japan that year alone.

Several factors contribute to the popularity of Crocs in Japan:


Japanese culture places a high value on comfort. The unique lightweight and cushioned Crocs material is appreciated for its relaxed feel. The ventilation holes also help keep feet cool in Japan's hot summers.

Cute schoolboy sitting on the stairs


Initially perceived as unfashionable in Japan, Crocs underwent an image change after being embraced by celebrities and trendsetters. Collaborations with brands like Balenciaga and Liberty London also upped their fashion quotient. As a result, Crocs shed their "ugly" image and became a trendy option.


From running errands to enjoying nature, Crocs are appreciated for their slip-on convenience. Busy urban lifestyles make this hassle-free footwear a practical choice for daily wear. The waterproof material also suits Japan's rainy climate.


The Japanese tend to be health-conscious, and Crocs are promoted as beneficial for foot health due to their light, cushioned construction. Those with foot pain or health issues are drawn towards their supportive, breathable qualities.

group of colorful crocs

Where and How Crocs are Commonly Worn in Japan

Now that we've established the appeal of Crocs in Japan, let's look at how and where they like to wear them:

Casual Wear

Crocs have become widely accepted in Japan as casual daily footwear. It's common to see locals sporting Crocs while commuting, shopping, or running errands. Their no-fuss nature makes them ideal for these purposes.

At Home

The Japanese have a culture of removing shoes inside homes and slippers are commonly worn. Crocs make for popular indoor slippers given their comfort and convenience.

Crocs on wooden floor


Crocs are also used as gym/workout shoes, whether heading to the gym or doing home workouts. The foot support and ventilation they provide are useful during physical activity.

Nature Activities

Japan's natural landscapes like beaches and hiking trails see plenty of Crocs usage. They work well for water activities or extended walking.

Pair of Crocs shoes covered in sand on the beach

Healthcare Settings

Healthcare professionals in Japan widely use Crocs as work shoes. Nurses, doctors, and other staff appreciate the non-slip nature, breathability, and ease of cleaning.

Crocs come in a wide array of styles these days. Here are some of the Crocs designs most commonly seen in Japan:

  • Classic Clogs - The original, classic design with ventilation holes remains popular for its versatility.
  • Platform Sandals - Chunky platform Crocs sandals are a hit, especially among younger Japanese consumers.
  • Fuzz Lined - Fuzzy lined Crocs provide warmth during Japan's cold winters.
  • Crocband - The Crocband style with stripes/patterns offers more visual interest.
  • Literide - The sleeker, sporty Literide Crocs are preferred for exercise.
  • Collaborations - Limited edition collaborations, like with Pokemon or Liberty London, attract collectors.

Do Some Japanese Dislike Wearing Crocs?

While Crocs fandom has certainly grown in Japan, there are still some who dislike the shoes:

Cute schoolboy sitting on the stairs
  • Some find the signature Crocs look unattractive and avoid them for style reasons.
  • Those with foot pain may find the flat Crocs lack adequate arch support.
  • In very traditional environments, like temples, the casual vibe of Crocs may be frowned upon.
  • In business settings, Crocs are not normally accepted as professional work shoes.
  • During Japan's cold winter, the ventilation can make Crocs chilly to wear outside.

So a minority avoid wearing Crocs in Japan. But these concerns are outweighed by the many who have embraced Crocs for daily wear.

The Future of Crocs in Japan

Looking ahead, Crocs seem poised for continued success in Japan due to:

  • Ongoing brand collaborations generating buzz.
  • Their alignment with athleisure wear's rising popularity.
  • Increased acceptance among younger generations.
  • The launch of new styles tailored to Japanese feet.

Barring an unexpected drop in popularity, Do Japanese wear Crocs? The answer looks set to remain yes for the foreseeable future.


Yes, Crocs have become widely popular everyday footwear in Japan. By 2016 Japan was Crocs' 2nd largest market globally.

Where do Japanese commonly wear Crocs?

In daily life, Japanese wear Crocs for commuting, shopping, exercising, and indoor wear. They're also used outdoors at beaches or hiking and in healthcare settings.

What Crocs styles do Japanese like best?

Classic clogs remain popular, but chunky platform sandals, fuzzy winter Crocs, Crocband, and Literide are also common choices.

Do all Japanese love Crocs?

Some avoid Crocs for style or comfort reasons, or feel they're unsuitable for formal settings or winter. But a majority have embraced wearing Crocs regularly.

Will Crocs continue gaining popularity in Japan?

Crocs seem poised for continued success based on collaboration buzz, athleisure trends, youth appeal, and new Japan-specific designs.


Japan has fully embraced Crocs over the past 15+ years, to the point they've become a common sight across the country. Their comfort and convenience make them appeal to the Japanese lifestyle. While some detractors remain, the versatility and style evolution of Crocs have won over legions of fans. With smart marketing and product development focused on the Japanese market, Crocs have succeeded in becoming a footwear staple there. Their future looks bright as younger generations continue discovering Crocs' charms. So the answer to Do Japanese wear Crocs? is a resounding yes.

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